Grand Falls Spring 2018

Grand Falls is an occasional phenomenon. A volcanic eruption spread a lava flow which blocked the Little Colorado River's normal channel.

The river made its way around the lava field, and during the snow melt season or after a rainstorm upriver, a huge volume of water will briefly cascade over these cliffs and into the original channel. It only occurs seven or eight times per year.

However--Arizona is a drought state, and while the second half of March is usually the best time to see it, I arrived on March 18 and there was no water at all.

To get to the falls site from Las Vegas, I drove for four hours, then groped my way through a snowstorm over Flagstaff – a complete whiteout for fifteen miles.

Twenty miles East of Flagstaff the sky cleared, but 40-knot winds came up. When I was on the cliffs above the falls, I had my car doors blown shut on my body twice! Hard!

I'll have to come back some time when the river is flowing!

6 Grand Falls With No Flow Of Water Pano

7 Grand Falls Dry As Seen From Main Gazebo


Carl intends to return to Grand Falls when the water is flowing!!!

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