Page Winter 2016

The Scenic Colorado River

A brief visit to Page in Winter, when the days are short., but even in December there are sometimes calm conditions for flying the drones. Of course, the temperature was freezing (literally) in the morning, so the flying is only decent from 10:30 A.M. to when the clouds begin to gather, around 2:30 P.M. Winter gives you a short work day!

On past trips I have photographed Page from various spots on the ground
Flying over them was a particular delight.

The first bend in the river I've shown here is within sight of the big power plant outside Page, and naturally is pretty deserted in winter.

Then we go to a conveniently placed scenic rock, out in the water under beautiful conditions. One of my favorite calm and picturesque places.

The Site Of Pahreah Town (1865)

I took a drive West toward Kanab on a  weather-shortened day, visiting the old (1865) Mormon town of Pahreah, now modernized as Paria.

I had visited a few years ago on a Summer day, with the Sun lighting the scene from the West.

On this Winter day, the sunny morning was quite cold, and the wind came up at Noon, with clouds forming then. Just managed to get these photos and drone flights during the mere two hours of good sunlight.

Previous trip...

2 Camel Butte North Window With less Sat 2 Pahreah Town And Movie Set Sign
4 Broad View Of Paria Valley
3 Entering Paria Valley
5 Paria Town In Its Valley

Horseshoe Bend

South of Page on the main highway, we turn into a parking lot at Horseshoe Bend. While the bend formation itself is in the recreation area, the parking lot and a section of the approach path is outside

The Bend is a large subject, so rising outside the park boundary and looking in worked for capturing the scene.

Navajo Bridge, South of Page

When returning from Page, the scenic route runs southward to Marble Canyon, where it crosses the Colorado River’s deep canyon via a new Navajo Bridge, built right next to the old Navajo Bridge. The new span is also designed as identical to the older one.

In the background, the stunning Vermilion Cliffs run for several miles parallel to the highway. This was flown in early morning, causing the deep shadow in the river canyon.

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