Sedona Fall 2015

My earlier visit to Sedona this year was cut short by clouds and rain. This was my return to complete the drone flying from that earlier weather-shortened attempt.

I began the drone flights as I drove into town, stopping at the scenic Midgley Bridge. A miracle occurred there, which saved me an expensive drone! I was having trouble fitting both the bridge and Steamboat Rock into the frame, so I backed across Oak Creek Canyon—and very nearly crashed into a groye of trees. For a drone owner, it is a chilling video…

Then I proceeded into Sedona, stopping at the Mount Wilson area North of the city center and taking a flight up to Chimney Rock. In subsequent days, I filmed Bell Rock, the Red Hill, Schnebley Hill Road, Boynton Canyon, Cathedral Rock, the Chapel of the Holy Cross and other scenic features.

At the end of my overall trip (which included the Four Corners area), I drove back via Sedona and was rewarded with some gentle, colorful Fall foliage and satisfying aerial views of the Chapel.

We Are Off To See The Lizard

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