Composer Rick Sowash

Homage to the Waters

The American composer Rick Sowash has long been a favorite of mine. I have listened to his lush compositions on classical music radio many times.

I was therefore thrilled when he invited me to use some of his compositions as accompaniment for my videos.

Since it is December and hard to get spectacular color, Rick in blustery Cincinnati and I in cloudy Las Vegas agreed to celebrate water in its many forms and locales.

We'll do two versions: This one is pure music and visuals, a companion version will have captions telling the viewer where each video was taken.

My thanks to Rick Sowash.

His music here is sublime, and it was a privilege to create this feast for your eyes and ears!

Drones above California Surf
with music by Rick Sowash

Rick’s beautiful compositions are a staple of classical music radio stations and concert halls.
Rick's Web Site

I have been an enthusiastic fan for years, so Rick’s offer is one I will embrace for future drone expeditions.

As a first effort, I took my video of a short flight over the surf near Malibu in November, and matched it now in December with the sixth movement of Rick’s Christmas Divertimento.

This performance is by the Mirecourt Trio (violinist Ken Goldsmith, cellist Terry King and pianist John Jensen).


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