Humpback Whales in Tonga

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It is hard to express in mere photographs the awesome power and grace of humpback whales.
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Tonga is where whales from Antarctica come to spend their winter,and for mating and calving. They gather in substantial numbers in the Ha'apai groupin central Tonga.

Enjoy Tonga, cruise for a week snorkeling, boatingand diving with humpback and even sperm whales.

Tonga also has some extraordinarily colorful reefsand caverns for scuba diving. The photography is brilliantly colorful at certainsites where currents encounter undersea rock formations. Soft corals in lush huescarpet entire pinnacles with spectacular color.

At the end of the week, divers catch their flightsfor home, or spend an extra week in Tonga just for the reef and cavern divings!

Our Slide Show pictures have been provided by the exceptional photographer,Mr. James D. Watt, who just returned from a cruise aboard the Princess II.

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Humpback Whales of the Silverbanks

I am pleased to offer the classic Humpback whale programs in theSilver Banks which lie between The Turks & Caicos and The Dominican Republic.

A one-week cruise yields five days of observing the humpbacks fromchase boats while the males complete for females and while mothers care for theircalves! In situations where the crew finds a mother and calf, clients are often ableto snorkel slowly up to the whales for amazing photographic encounters.

One story is of a calf who came up very close to a chase boat tosee the clients. After he had jumped nearly 30 times, he drenched the passengerswith a mighty splash. Upon learning that the clients screamed when splashed, he didnearly 300 jumps! The clients were soaked but thrilled!

Turks & Caicos Aggressor runs one-week cruises in January andFebruary. $1,895.00 plus $120.00 in taxes. Please call for details and I'll be happyto advise you.

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