Las Vegas

After fifteen years, Carl's backyard has changed noticeably! (see pictures from 1999 below these!)




September 1, 2013

September 1st, 2013

This was our original announcement in 1999!

Q. Well, what is Carl up to now?

A. He has moved to Las Vegas!

Out front his new dream home.

The exterior from the front view!

Carl's finished house in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Photos © 1999 Geri Murphy

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A new Jeep and what a smile!

Carl with now the new Jeep and comfortable ol'Baby Benz!

The shrubbery is growing wonderfully!

Wistful little clouds to break-up all that blue!A wonderfully growing backyard!A wonderfully new day!I would sit out here anytime!A great angle to relax by!What a great place to come home to!

Moving on to our last updates so you may see the progress with Nature growing up. . .

Watching Nature as she grows her design every minute, hour, day, week. . .A prestine place to pull up a chair and be serene. . .A corner position is a great piece of land. . .A great place to come and relax, Carl' backyardGreen is everywhere to enjoy these days...A cool spot to retire at the end of a hot day. . .Lush with foliage, Carl relaxes comfortable. . .

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The New Gates have arrived!

From Carl's walled yard he has a
wonderful view out over the distant with the new play areas of the world.

Mountains in the near distance!

Mountains in the distance are gorgious

Mountains forever

Three views of Carl's Living Room with Mementos from his Travels!

Oh the relaxation of home!Interests of the world over!Memories all around!

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Check out the Aliens in Las Vegas!

NOW linked to a very special "HIGHWAY"! Click on image to go to aliean land!

New Pictures from March's Issue of "A Day in the Desert"

by Carl Roessler.

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