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New Zealand

In the mid-1980s, Jessica discovered that a distant relative lived in Auckland, had a boat and wanted See & Sea to bring groups. We did an exploratory, and found that the Poor Knights Islands off the coast of Tutukaka had some cold but intensely colorful diving.

Overnight, the captain would actually anchor the dive boat inside a giant cavern (third picture, top row and first picture, second row), where would cook our meals and have perfect shelter.

The 'reefs' were rocky walls covered with low-growing kelp, infested with countless sea urchins and moral eels. Anywhere there was an open bottom we would find monstrous scorpionfish sitting in plain sight.

The growth on the rocks was intense, with entire walls filled with cup corals in iridescent colors that had nudibranchs munching on them.

There were unusual cold-water fish species like the Pink Mau-Mau and the Pigfish. While our clientele liked warm-water diving and the destination eventually reach the popularity of places like Palau and Fiji, I will always remember how plentiful and colorful the marine life was in these rich waters. Here’s a story.

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Cabin Cruiser Through Huge Arch
Dive Cruiser Emerges From Cavern
Sunset At The Rock
Coastline Near Tutukaka
Cup Corals
Pink Mau Mau
Pink Mau Maus Schooling
Pink Nudibranch
Painted WrasseIs Curious
Jessica With Bull Kelp
Jessica With Schooling Fusilers
Goatfish In Red
Pigfish Wrasse
Green Moray Eel
Blue Damselfish
Tropical Fish Swarm Over Rock
Scorpionfis In Red
Scorpionfish Opens Wide


Oldies. . . but Goodies !!!


Coast line near Tutukaka

Cabin cruiser thru huge arch

Blue Damselfish

Dive cruiser emerges from cavern

Cup corals

Goatfish in red

Jessica with bull kelp!

Pigfish (wrasse)
Tropical fish dance over rocks.
Jessica with schooling pretty!
Painted wrasse is curious!
Startling Scorpionfish in vibrant red!
Spectacular Pink Nutibranch!
Scorpionfish Opens Really Wide!
Pink Mau Mau poses for the camera!
Green Moray Eel peeks out. . .
Precious Pink Mau Maus schooling.
Portrait of Scorpionfish!
Gorgious Sunset at The Rock!
Slightly turned portrait of Scorpionfish just for Carl!
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