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Solmar V / Baja and Socorro

Baja and Socorro are relatively close to the United States and reasonably easy to reach. The tip of the Baja has some excellent diving along a series of pinnacles which jut out to sea and are washed by currents.

For greater adventures, divers can get on a dive cruiser such as the Solmar V in Cabo San Lucas, enjoy a day and a half of cruising and arrive at Socorro and San Benedicto Islands. The unique thrill of the San Benedicto anchorage is the giant manta ray colony, whose members are quite tame and curious. I have seen them approach divers to be stroked many times, so getting good photos is reasonably easy for new divers.

There are also schools of hammerheads in deeper water, and we have even seen a school of silky sharks coming roaring in at us on one occasion.

In this story I describe my impression of a cruise and show some of the photo subjects.

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A little rub?

Sheepshead wrasse in blackness.

Anchored at San Benedicto.

Blue Jack hunting.

Sea Lions covort in crystal water.

Close pass by Hue Sheepshead.

Diver strokes the belly of a manta.


Manta with snorkeler in background


Diver steers manta to us.

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