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In 1969, I moved my family to the Caribbean and took up residence on the island of Curacao, off the coast of Venezuela. For three glorious years, we went diving every day on Curacao or Bonaire, learned photography and welcomed groups of divers sent to us by Dewey Bergman's See & Sea Travel Service in San Francisco.

The reefs were rich in marine life and had superbly dramatic dropoffs all around the islands. There was even a challenging wreck deep off the southwestern coast of Bonaire, on which I made one hundred and one dives.

It was during the three years we lived there that I learned my techniques of stalking small fish to entice them into posing. I learned deep diving, breath holding, using light to bring out the texture of my subjects and a great deal about the behavior of the marine life. I watched them feeding, breeding and evading predation.

Everything I learned during the three years I spent in the ABC islands served me well after Dewey Bergman invited me to join him in ownership of See & Sea to develop dive travel around the world.

In 1972, I moved to San Francisco to join See & Sea. From that base, I was fortunate to dive most of the tropical world over the succeeding quarter-century. Still, I frequently visited various Caribbean islands during my entire career, and it always had a soft spot in my heart.

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Long, long ago. . .



Caribbean Topside!



Squirrel Fish
Queen Angelfish
Diver & Wall


Caribbean I

Orange Frogfish

Nocturnal Red Ball Anemone

Cleaner Shrimp On AzureS ponge

Glass Blenny Invisible On Sponge

Azure Vase Sponge

Jessica with Black Grouper

Basslet Liopropoma Carmabi

Dueling Grunts

Nocturnal Shrimp Hunts In Darkness

Jessica Dances With Sting Ray

Grouper Eating Parrotfish

Golden Coney

Juvenile Puffer In Sargassum

Queen Angelfish

Cleaner Shrimp Hippolysmata

Long Spined Squirrelfish

Royal Purple Gramma

French Grunt In Corals

Juvenile Spotted Drum

OctopusIn Night Colors

Rock Hind Portrait

YellowF rogfish Flared

Tiger Grouper Open To Be Cleaned

Caribbean II

Cleaners In Mouth Of Grouper

A Shy Hamlet

Boats Near Reef Caymans

Golden Hamlet Amid Corals

SeaHorse At Night

Queen Angelfish In Blue Water

A French Angelfish Challenges

Queen Angelfish Flared

Roosterfish In Nocturnal Colors

Cerianthid Nocturnal Anemone

Banded Butterfly fish In Darkness

Barracuda Sees Eye To Eye

The Beauty

Queen Or Golden Jack

Royal Purple Gramma Full Length

Elegant Slipper Lobster

Jessica With Reef Corals

Divers Off Giant Wall

Jessica With Colorful Sponge

Queen Angelfish Under Ledge

Parrotfish Swoops Past

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