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I made my first visit to Fiji in 1973, where I set up land-based diving programs to dive some extraordinarily lush reefs. Despite the excellent diving we were experiencing from hotel bases, I was convinced that a live-aboard cruiser would enable us to dive reefs that weren't reachable from any hotel base.

I was delighted when I heard of a retired school teacher named Eric Dowdall, who had a 40-foot boat which (by squeezing) could accommodate six divers. For several years, I delighted groups of divers by booking them with Eric and his wife Keresi. The food was fabulous, and we dived our heads off every day we were there. In later years there were bigger boats which could accommodate larger groups, but as a great classic of diving which has in many ways never been equalled, the Sta Reta brings back memories of how diving was when the sport was still in its early days.

Fiji is famed for the intense color of its invertebrate life and its profusion of fish, offering divers walls covered with soft coral colonies, coral patches with dozens of anemones inhabited by hundreds of clownfish and other photo subjects such as what we see in this gallery and my YouTube show

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Flatworm On Coral
Entrance To Falange Atoll
Bicolor Angelfish
Big Pink And Yellow Flatworm
Clown Triggerfish Juvenile
Blue Rimmed Angelfish
Flame Gobyo

More of Fiji

Boatmen In A Shallow Lagoon
Chevron Butterfly fish
Fairy Basslet Anthias Squammipinnus
Spiny Puffer fish In flated
Beautiful Shallow Reefs And Island

Fairy Basslet Male Amid Coral

Convict Fish

Jessica Under Coral Filled Ledge

Banded Butterfly fish

Long-snout Butterfly Forcipiger

Chromodoris Coi On Sponges

Tomato Clown fish

Yellow Nudibranch Has Fried Egg Pattern

Raffles Butterfly fish In Blackness

Nudibranch In Brilliant Colors

Soft Coral Colony In Red And Yellow

Clingfish In Host Crinoid

Octopus Being Stroked By Another

Colorful Reef

Graphic Art Invertebrates

Yellow-mouthed Sea Snake

Remora Portrait

Yellow Mouthed Sea Snake Swims Above Reef

School Of Colorful Snappers

Jessica on Coral Wall

Grounded Freighter Against Sunset

Butterfly fish Trifasciata

Scorpion fish Camouflaged Like Debris

Tomato Clown fish A. Frenatus

School Of Fusiliers Approach

Hawkfish Under Gorgonian Coral Colony

Clownfish Abicinct us With Eggs

Jessica Seen Thru Huge Arch

Cleaner Wrasse Eyes Us As It Works

Juvenile Snapper Near A Soft Coral Colony
Diver With Outcrop Of Coral


Fiji - Cleaner wrasse treats a bigeye
Fiji - Jessica with a rich coral reef

Fiji - Yellow  Damselfish against colorful corals

Fiji - Indian Lobster
Fiji - Grouper's mottling as camouflage
Fiji - Clownfish A bicinctus with red eggs
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