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Galapagos / Mistral

I enjoyed my first cruise through the amazing Galapagos Islands in 1972, and went as often as I could over the intervening decades.  I even took my daughter for a wonderful intergenerational adventure in 1994.

In this story I attempt to describe what it is like to wander through these astonishing volcanic outposts, diving in the cool water and hiking the lava fields observing their endemic species.

Everything Darwin found enchanting about the islands is still there—the magnificent volcanoes towering across the horizon, the literal miles of lava flow right down to the sea, the ever-present sea lions, the albatrosses, the iguanas, the cactus, the finches the incredible tortoises and a wealth of marine life in the cool waters.

In this You Tube show I assemble many of my impressions for you to share.

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Big Galapagos Tortoise Studies Us Gal Jessica Feeding Tortoise Gal Bartholomew Bay And Pinnacle Gal Blue Footed Booby Gal Big Galapagos Tortoise
Gal Boat Anchored In Tagus Cove Bull Sea Lion Charges Three Sleepy Sea Lions Bull SeaIion Is Annoyed Fernandia Volcano
Gal Schooling Hammerhead Sharks Flightless Comorand With Marine Iguanas Giant Tortoise Atop Alcedo Crater Gal Male Frigate Bird With Gular Pouch Diver With Huge School Of Barracuda
Soaring Albatross Sally Lightfoot Crab Fur Sea Lion Gal Horse Conch Red And Blue Colonial Cup Corals
Swarm Of WhiteS triped Angelfish Gal Tartan Hawkfish ScallopIs Spectacular Gal Marine Iguana Underwater Gal Tiny Juvenile Scorpionfish On Sand
Gal Kicker Rock With Sailboat Gal Huge Green Moray Yellow Eyed Horned Moray Eel Gal Colony Of Cleaner Shrimp Await Moray Client Pinnacle At Bartholomew Island
Coastline Of Hood Is land With Blow hole Sea Lions In Bay Island In Rear Gal Sunset Over Galapagos Sea Lions Cavort In Shallows


Yellow Tailed Surgeonfish Frigate Bird Male with huge Gular Pouch Three Marine Iguanas cuddle
Diver with huge School of Baracuda Circling Hammerheads above us. Diver hovers near School of Palometa

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