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Great White Shark

I have been privileged for more than thirty years to visit with my friends Rodney and Andrew Fox in South Australia each year, during which visits we would go out and photograph great white sharks. Rodney and Andrew know more about these creatures from direct observation than anyone in the world.

Even better, the sharks in South Australia are generally found in quite clear water for photography. Best of all, the sharks we have encountered over the years are remarkably aggressive in their feeding, which allow us to take dramatic photos.

Here is an interview that Rodney and I did about our early days.

This is a page with stories about some of our recent adventures:

And here are some YouTube shows of our 2007 expedition.  A reverential story on the sharks and a video on 'Sharks of the World.'

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55 Gallon Drum With Teeth
Aboat Too Far
Andrew Finds A Fluffy 2
A New Definiton Of Loneliness
A Pair Of Sweethearts
Approaches Between Cages
Approaches Rodney In Open Cage
A Shark Named Double Scoop Is Majestic 2
A Shark Named Double Scoop Is Majestic 5
A Strike Directly At The Surface
A Torpedo Head-On
Awesome Grace In Blue
Beneath Placid Surface
Biting The Tasty Pontoon
Boring Right In
Bottom Teeth Hung Up
Charging In, Cage In Background
High Flyer
Curly's Careful Look
Desperately Wants Inside Our Cage
Drat! I missed!
Engulfs Bait!!!
Fluffy Eats The Cage
Giant Shark Fills The Sky 1
GWS and Photographer Meet At Cage Window
Classic Pass Past Cage
Hello There Z
Here I Come!!
Here He Comes!
Here's Looking At You!
Erupting To Attack
Sharke Takes Bait Shows Teeth
Homing In With Complete Focus
Johnny Launches And Misses!!!!
Just Try To Swim Up To The Boat
Here's Looking At You Kid
Leftys Careless Manners
Lefty Zeroes In
Maw Rises To The Bait
Rolling On Side To Bite
Kal Races In
Skimming The Grass
Tuna Down The Gullet


Cage activity!

One is coming!

Watch out!

This is tasty!

What a face!

Here's lockin' at ya!

Nice profile!

A gathering!


Open wide!

What a smile!

Nice profile!

A set of teeth that you'll never forget!

Darn rope's in the way!

Smile for the camera!

Turn, turn I said!

An experience your soon not to forget!



Any way it takes to get it!

Is this the bait?

A smile you'll never forget!

Smiling for the camera!

The living torpedo!

A actual touch!

What a set of teeth!

Open wide for chuncky!

A GWS after the shark bait.

What a wonderful calmness with this one!

I am hungry!!!!

Food just seems to fit right!


Smile for the camera!

If you blink, you'll miss it all!

Get that camera ready!

What a profile!

Coming in for the picture!

A visual of what it really looks like!

Even the metal of the cage looks good to him!

A tasty treat sometime for the GWS!

What a set of teeth!

Great White Shark attacks out of the sun glare!

Great White attacks bait!

Just another pretty face for the camera!

Open wide for Chunky!

Open wide, wider, & oh my!
Here's lookn' at ya!
There is a grace there!
A damaged nose some how???
She'll be comin around the mountain, her she comes...
This one actually is nosed in the cage, what a scare!
War scars all over!
So serine and yet so lethal!
Smile for the camera!!!
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