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Leafy Sea Dragon / South Australia

Our leafy sea dragon adventures were an offshoot of our great white shark expeditions with Rodney Fox. Rodney told me of a friend named Jim Thiselton, who was a farmer on Kangaroo Island. When I met Jim on my first visit to K.I., I knew we would have a winner for clients.

Jim and his wife Josie were very resourceful (as any farmer on that island would have to be). They made what they didn’t have. For instance, Jim took a bulldozer and built his own sheltered marina on the coast. Then he bought a huge Australian Army truck to transport his divers to the marine.

Jim only had a small boat for six divers, but he sated their appetite for diving. And what a spotter of sea dragons! I can remember Jim pointing at a leafy sea dragon camouflaged in the bull kelp that waved gently in the waves. “Where?” I’d say.  He’d go closer and point. “Where?” I’d say. It was ugly, at least until you learned the dragon’s tricks to disappear into the surrounding life.

Two stories are at Story One and Story Two.

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Leafy Sea Dragons

LSD Divers Strobe On Leafy
Leafy Sea Dragon Against Kelp
Dragon Against Bull Kelp
LSD Jim Engages With Leafy Sea Dragon Caring Eggs
LSD Full Length
LSD Leafy Studies Us
LSD Coming Toward Us
LSD Graceful Female Sea Dragon
LSD A Male Sea Horse With Eggs
LSD Portrait 2
LSD Portrait Of Dragon
LSD Male Dragon Carrying Eggs
Graceful Female Dragon
LSD Sea Dragon Sweeps Past
LSD Graceful Female Dragon Flared

Oldies but Goodies of LSDs!!!

The eloquence of the Leafy Sea Dragon

That little rascel is here some where!

Dynamically poised for the camera

LSD Graceful Female Dragon

Weedy Sea Dragons

Weedy Sea Dragon Watches Us
Weedy Sea Dragon In Darkness
Weedy Sea Dragon
Weedy Sea Dragon

More Oldies of Weedy Sea Dragons!!!!

Weedy Sea Dragon watches us. . .
The petite Weedy Sea Dragon
Relation to Sea Dragon, the Weedy Sea Dragon
Catch me if you can!
The Weedy Sea Dragon

Kangaroo Island

Yawning Bull Sea Lion On Rocks
Curious Cuttlefish
Cuttlefish For Company
Coast Of Kangaroo Island
Porpoises Off Kangaroo Island
School Of Stripeys
Jim Feeds A Blue Groper
Osprey Comes In For Kill
Blue Wrasse
Osprey Gets Fish
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