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Malpelo in Colombia cruising from Costa Rica

Malpelo was one of my most satisfying discoveries. We had been to Cocos Island with our groups for years when I was approached by Capt. Heinz Buchbinder of the eight-person yacht The Inzan Tiger. For the next eight years we took group after group to these remote islands in the Eastern Pacific's Golden Triangle (Galapagos, Cocos and Malpelo). The waters were teeming with fish-huge schools of big tuna and hammerhead sharks, and swarming groupers and snappers.

During the final few years, Heinz found a pinnacle where he could dive deep to see the enormous sand tiger sharks with the huge eyes shown in our gallery and these stories; Story 1 and Story 2.

With the addition of the immense sharks, Malpelo became a cult diving destination for serious divers. I myself went back every one of the eight years in pursuit of pictures, and it grieved me for the diving community when Capt. Heinz retired. I still remember those trips with Heinz and his wife Zan, and the astonishing things we saw.

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Lobster And Shadowy Fish
Octopus Sitting On Coral
White-Striped Angelfish
Green Moray Threatening
Tangle Of Huge Morays
Spaghetti Tangle Of Moray Eels
Two Moray Portrait
Schooling Goatfish Close
Yellow Pufferfish Arothron
Thick School Of Snappers
Baitball Near Malpelo Islands
Diver Swims Toward Malpelo
Baitball in Open Sea

Hammerheads and Raggies

Confident Hammerhead
Face Of Hammerhead Shark
Looking Up At Hammerheads Face
A Huge School Of Hammerheads
Tropical Fish And Hammerheads!
Hammerheads Sweep Up Into Shallows
Zan With Crossing Raggie
Heinz Is Dwarfed By Raggie
HeinIs Tiny Next To a Huge Raggie
Heinz With a Giant Deep Raggie Drafahlscan

Oldies. . . but Goodies !!!

Hammerhead for Your Eyes Only!

More Hammerhead than you wish for.

An Orange Pufferfish in Malpelo!

Groupers! Groupers! Groupers!! All in Malpelo!

A scary Scorpionfish of Malpelo!!!!

Moray Eel in Malpelo!

and our gorgious island beach

more island

and yet another island shot


Incredibale lobster of Malpelo!!!

The dainty Moorish Idol Fish of Malpelo!

A Painted Wrasse in Malpelo!

A graceful school of Snappers in Malpelo.

Lots and Lots of Hammers
Just another Hammerhead. . .
Calico Groupers swarm over wall!
Oh Yes! There are fish, too!!
Cremefish watches octopus watching me!
Tropical fish swarming all around!!!
Raggie Tooth Tiger Shark
Raggie Tooth Tiger Shark

A Friendly Turtle!!!

Moray Eels!

Face of Scrawled Filefish!!!

White-Stripped Angelfish!!!

Raggie Tooth Tiger Shark

Raggie Tooth Tiger Shark

Raggie Tooth Tiger Shark

Raggie Tooth Tiger Shark

One of the countless Moray Eels in Malpelo!

A relaxing Octopus in Malpelo!

A Spotted Pufferfish in Malpelo!

A Calico Bass hides amid Cup Corals.

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