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In the late 1970s. I was approached by a man named Mike Jones, representing a boat offering diving to the remote islands of the Philippines. When I did an exploratory out there the boat was not up to the standard our clients required, but the diving was sensational. I was very disappointed, but the flaws in the boat were simply too great.

Two years later, Mike came to me representing a much larger and more comfortable boat. It was 120 feet long, a double-decker with cabins for sixteen eager divers. For the next eight years we sent groups of divers out to Manila for diving to Apo Island, and out of Palawan to Tubbataha  and Jesse Beazley Reefs. 

It was a favorite place—the water was very warm, the marine life insanely colorful and the clarity of the water made photographs intense and beautiful.  We graduated from that large, older boat to a large, more modern boat. It was a golden time, but dynamite fishermen and other destructive fishing techniques gradually forced us to abandon these cruises. Still, at the time these were on any given day among the very best diving in the world. A story and YouTube video.

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Phil Amphiprion Percula

Phil Apo Reef Lighthouse

Phil Divers On Side Of Apo Wreck

Phil Blue Ringed Octopus

Phil Jissica with Big Sea Snake

Phil Flashlight Fish Photo Blepharon


Diver With Huge Poisonous Jellyfish

Phil Jessica With Vivid Soft Coral Colony Phil Distant Manta Above Sunlit Reef Matilda Manta Phil Jessica With Classic Soft Coral Colony
Phil Jessica With Friendly Cuttlefish Phil Jessica With Lionfish On Wreck Lionfish Pterois Fins Flared Jessica With Graceful Sea Snake
Phil Pair Of Mating Cuttles Phil Jessica Above ShallowReef Sun lit Reeftop Red Scorpionfish
Phil Pink Nudibranch Phil Mantis Shrimp In Bright Colors Phil Ribbon Eel Shows It's Displeasure Phil Octopus Amid Fish
Phil Spotted Moray Eel Gymnothorax Shrimp On Asthenosome Anemone Ribbon Of Nudibranch Eggs Phil Lionfish Amid Corals
Arrow Blenny Is Small But Lethal BlazingSunset Sunset With Distant Freighter Cuttlefish Flares Its Arms
Black Frogfish Has Lethal Camouflage Black Frogfish Two At  A Time Black Frogfish Swimming

Oldies but Goodies

Philippines-Jessica with big Sea Snake

Philippines Sunlite Reeftop at Apo

Philippines Clownfish, one bold, one shy

Philippines Abundant fish life on reef

Philippines Adolescent of an Imperial Angelfish

Philippines Tiger Cowrie mantle partly withdrawn

Philippines Blue Nosed Yellow Angelfish

Philippines Intense colors on reef

Philippines Golden Damselfish dances Philippines Painted Wrasse charges in Philippines Clownfish A Sandaricinos nestles in anemone Philippines Cluster of coral polyps
Philippines Lionfish Pterois fins flared Philippines Stripped Dobies challenge us Philippines Blue Lobster Amid Corals PhilOctopusPerchedOnCoral
  Philippines Black Fogfish Swimming  
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