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Papua New Guinea has provided decades of high adventure to those who sought it out.

I first went there in 1978 on a trip to the island of Wuvulu, where my local guide was an amazing man named Bob Halstead.  It was the beginning of a long collaboration which culminated in Bob building his own dive cruiser. I booked groups of eager divers onto Bob's boat and eventually two more vessels over a glorious decade, the three vessels allowed us to cover the entire country and all of its best dive sites, and many clients came back annually for years...

From Eastern Fields in the South to Milne Bay in the East to Kimbe Bay in the center to Rabaul and Kavieng in the North, we dove everywhere. It was one of the great pageants of my experience—supremely active sharks everywhere, exotic species, sheer walls.  Everything a diver could wish for seemed to be in Papua New Guinea somewhere.

One key aspect of the long dominance of Papua New Guinea for serious divers is the small population in the country, the corresponding lack of pressure on the marine life and therefore the sustainability of its spectacular reefs.

Series of stories on the diving at Eastern fields. click here and here.

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And for a YouTube show on the highlights of the country.

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PNG Baby Whale Shark Plays With Divers
PNG Coral Crab Hiding Amid Soft Coral Polyps
PNG Blue Jellyfish At Night
PNG Camouflaged Crab Amid Coral Polyps
PNG Divers With Huge School Of Barracuda
Scrawled File Fish In Camo Colors
A Graceful Cuttlefish In Blue
PNG Brilliant Premnas
Curious Cuttlefish Watches Intently
PNG Blue And Yellow Angelfish
Aggressive Silvertip Shark
Feeding Frenzy
Gray Sharks Directly Charging
Big Silvertip Bores in
Silvertip At Speed Cruise
Shallow Reef On Carls Ultimate Reef
Tartan Hawkfish Amid Corals
Blackjack Bomber With Divers
PNG Shallow Reef Corals In Sun
PNG Small Crab Lives In Anemone
Two Ghost Pipefish Mimic Corals
Merlots Scorpionfish
PNG Mandarin Fish
PNG Chambered Nautilus
Turtle Hopes We Dont See It
Gray Shark In Cruise Mode
Sharks Attack Bait
Streaking Silvertip
Silvertip Shark Shoots In
Sailfin Leaf Fish Purple
PNG Juvenile Barramundi Cod
PNG Square Spot Anthias
PNG School Of Bannerfish
Pink Stonefish Portrait
Green Rhinopias On Red Gorgonian
Huge Pufferfish With Cleaners
Yellow Frogfish On Shallow Bottom
PNG Yellow Rhinopias
Dancers On Sepik
PNG Sunrise And Rainbow
Native Ceremonial Costumes

Oldies but GOODIES!!!!

Schooling Jacks for You!

Our beautiful Lion Fish!

Grey Shark

A wonderfully colored Sea Cucumber!

The twins are here!

The colorful Clown Fish!

Leaf Scorpionfish for YOU!

School of Snappers!

Large Anemone at Carl's Ultimate Reef!

 Craig DeWit with sleeping Cat Shark!

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