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Red Sea

My earliest trips to the Red Sea were immediately after the Six-day War had concluded. We dove with an operator out of Amman, Jordan, diving the twelve-mile coast between Aqaba and the Saudi border. The treasure of the trip was that we drove from Amman, the capitol to Aqaba via Petra, “The Rose-Red City half as old as Time.”  YouTube video. We also explored the sites where the film “Lawrence of Arabia” had been filmed, and drank cool fruit smoothies at the “Omar Sharif Bar.”

The marine life was superb, with more flamboyant lionfish than I have seen before or since. The reef topography was a sloping dropoff, which limited the dramatic possibilities. After three years, I met Howard Rosenstein. Howard had set up the Red Sea Diving Center at Sharm el Sheikh, on the very tip of the Sinai Peninsula. The diving here was superb—dramatic drop-offs, big animals and a multitude of smaller, intensely colorful reef creatures. For years we worked together to get divers to see the wonders of the Red Sea. Howard eventually got a live-aboard and ended up diving in the Indian Ocean at the Seychelles and Aldabra.

By then, I had discovered the diving between Port Sudan and the Egyptian border—in those days undiscovered and unspoiled. Best of all, we had the only boat offering it.

Succeeding years have brought many more boats, crowded dive sites and some degradation of the marine life, but I will never forget those pioneering days when the Red Sea was all ours!

A YouTube video on the Red Sea.

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Jessica Above Cousteau Garage
RS Grouper Watches Us
A Pair Of Clownfish Dance Above Their Anemone
RS Chromodoris 0n Red Sponge
RS Umbria Wreck
RS Painted Wrasse Halichoeres
RS Corals On Aida Wreck
Lighthouse At Sanganeb Reef
RS Diver On Carnatic Wreck
Harlequin Wrasse
RS Jessica With Saudi Reef
RS Reef With SCs And Anthias
RS Jessica With Large Soft Cora On Wall
Jessica Amid Soft Coral Colonies
Jessica Amid Purple Corals Sudan
RS King Angelfish Pyglopites
RS Lionfish With Red Sponge
Spanish Dancer In Darkness
RS Sassy TartanHawk Fish
Golden Clownfish On Red Anemone
RS Reeftop Crowded With Many Anthias
Inquisitive Red Coney
Jessica Amid Purple Soft Corals
Coney Examines Camera
Unicornfish Swarm Over Reef
RS Sleeping Butterfly Fish Nestled Amid Soft Corals
RS Red Faced Chevron Butterfly Fish
RS Picasso Triggerfish Is Curious
Lemon Butterflyfish
RS Red Tailed Butterfly Fish
RS Jessica Near Propellor Of Dunraven Wreck
RS Pair Of Disc Butterfly fish
RS Shallow Reef Crest
RS Jessica Off Vertical Wall

Sharks, sharks & more sharks

Gray Shark Racing During Feeding
Oceanic White Tip Shark Zeroes In
Sharks Attacks Bait
Silky Shark Close
Gray Sharks Sense Food

Oldies but Goodies

Red Sea Maori Wrasse with two escout Jacks

Red Sea Grouper in back watches Butterflyfish

Red Sea Spanish Dancer Nudibranch

Red Sea Parrotfish races toward us

Red Sea Jessica amid corals at Sanganeb Red Sea Yellow Goatfish Red Sea King Anglefish Pygoplites Red Sea Shallow reef crest in sunshine
Red Sea Cow-Nosed ray Rhinobatus RSJessicaOffVerticalWall Red Sea Gray Shark is intent
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