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True North / Rowley Shoals

Rowley Shoals became a prime destination for me after our early 1990s expeditions to dive with the whale sharks found off the Ningaloo Reef. The boat captain and crew kept telling us that further North and 160 miles out to sea there were three fabulous atolls with rich marine animals and abundant sharks and other large animals.

We mounted an expedition the following year, flying up to the far northwest coast of Australia and heading straight out to sea.

The atolls were as beautiful as the crew had described them. Not only did they offer secure anchorages in gorgeous aquamarine bays, but the dropoffs outside the coral perimeter  seemed to go straight down. One wall was festooned with huge ice-blue soft coral colonies which flourished when the currents ran. It was a garden of delights for photographers. My first brief story.

There were narrow passes through the coral walls, through which roaring currents swooshed. Many times, we took out cameras and rode the currents, flying like fighter jets, soaring and swooping—and startling the marine life that found living in this maelstrom congenial.

On one expedition, we purposely tried to attract tiger sharks, which were known to frequent the pearling beds near the coast. We did get one tiger which wouldn’t cooperate for photos, but we saw whale sharks, giant schools of jacks and active silvertip sharks. The story.

A YouTube video.

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Aerial View Of Ningaloo Reef
Bay And Reefs Of Atoll
Clownfish Around Closed Anemone
Coastal Reef At Exmouth
Speedboat Crosses Lagoon
Blackspot Butterflyfish
Big Butterflyfis hLooking Back At Us
Diver With Large Soft Coral
Black Eyed Butterflyfish
Blackspot Butterflyfish 2
Coral Grotto On Mermaid Wall
Frogfish On Navy Pier
Divers With Dogtooth Tuna
Juvenile Boxfish
Divers Off Mermaid Wall
Octopus On Coral
Flatworm On Sand
School Of Symphorichthys
WS Flatworm On Sand 2
Goatfish In Nocturnal Colors
School Of Aggressive Jacks
Sailfin Snapper Symphorichthys
Sailfin Snapper Adult
School Of Jacks Rising
Soft Corals Everywhere
Cat SharK Stegastoma
Barramundi Cod Cruises Over Sand
WS Lionfish Flared
Silvertip Shark Streaks In
Silvertip Shark At Surface
Gray Shark Swoops In
Silvertip Shark Shoots In

Oldies but Goodies !!!

Anemone with Clownfish and Damselfish.

Off for a drift dive!

Divers amid incredible soft corals.

School of Jacks - Caranx Sexfasciatus

Panda Butterflyfish / Chaetodon Adieroastos

Marine Life on Reef at Rowley Shoals!

Sailfin Snapper / Symphorichthys Spilurus

School of Sailfin Snappers!

Sailfin Snapper watching Camera!

Mermaid Reef!

Silvertip at old fashing feed (on the reef)!

A crowded wallof soft corals - Dendronephthya.