Steve Jobs Apple Inc

In May of 1998, Steve Jobs used ‘Maddened Attack’ to introduce a new computer’s fast chips.

In 2015, the producers of the movie Steve Jobs re-imagined that earlier scene in the dramatic finale of the film.

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Maden Attack and Steve Jobs


Reports about
Great White Sharks &
Leafy Sea Dragons!

As the Leafy Sea Dragon Program is no longer available, this and other associated pages remain for your viewing pleasure as a reminder of diving's Golden Age.

Great White Shark Photo Gallery


The Great White Shark Extravaganza of 2010

2007's Great White Shark Adventure

The Sublime Sharks of 2006

Finally 2003's GWS Story

August 2002's Trip & Story 

The Great Trip of MAY 2001!!

Great White Shark Expedition Videocam! Videocam!

Interview with Rodney Fox --The Great White Shark Victim!!!!!!

Only 50 miles from the sharks are Leafy Sea Dragons

Leafy Sea Dragons Story #2

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Threat to Sharks

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