Apache Lake Switchback Road Roosevelt Dam Takalai Lake
Coolidge Dam Old San Carlos Memorial Stewart Mountain Dam On Saguaro Lake
  Waddell Dam At Lake Pleasant  
Stewart Mountain Dam Spring 2017

Last year when I visited Mesa, I concentrated on the lakes because they are beautiful, especially when boaters are roaring around in the sunshine. The lakes are also vital for agriculture and the Phoenix Metro population’s water supply.

All of the dams are pretty big, because the lakes have to maintain a steady supply of enormous amounts of water. Saguaro is one of these good-sized lakes.

This year, I went around to the far end of Saguaro Lake to see the big Mount Stewart dam. While a high fence keeps out visitors, the drone easily flew to a position where I could see the dam, the water coming out of the flume and a portion of the lake with the marina in the distance. Impressive place!
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